Sunday, 12 July 2009

Back in France

Six weeks since we were last here and I was anxious to see how the garden was doing. I had expected a lot of weeds in the garden, but I think this is the worse infestation of weeds amongst the vegetables I have ever seen.

However I have spent a lot of time in the garden today and it is not as bad as I first thought. The potatoes are looking good, far better than this time last year when they had all died after a bout of blight, they look healthy as some varieties are in flower. It is hard to find the onions as they are smothered by weeds but I am sure they are sitll there. The broad beans look good - I am sure we will get a couple of meals of them. As usual I probably haven't planted enough beans. I have harvested the peas, one good meal of those which were still fresh and crispy, the others I have blanched and will use in a dish where I can disguise the fact they are a little older and floury.
No courgettes yet, but there are flowers on the plants so it is just a matter of time. The aubergines are struggling, they may improve now that I am here to water them. The beetroot are looking good and is a crop we really enjoy.

The fruit trees are full of fruit, even our young apple tree has 8 apples, not bad for its first attempt, It is a Bardsey apple, an old variety which I beleive was found on Bardsey Island.

The tomato plants we brought from England have suvived the journey and are in pots outside the kitchen window.

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