Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Work in progress

Baby Redstarts hiding behind the vine

Closeup of our 'babies'
The birds have been very busy these last few weeks. We have several house sparrows nesting in holes in the walls of the outbuildings. Somewhere locally a black bird is nesting and often sits on the  roof of the cowshed singing. Last year we had a pair of Redstarts nesting in a hole in the wall, about 90cm from the ground. It wasn't a very safe place to raise a family as George (the cat) soon realised he could sit under the entrance and watch the parents flying in and out. Luckily he didn't catch them. This year we have had a pair, possibly the same ones, who have built a nest in the vine climbing on the side of the outbuilding where we have our laundry room and pump house. A much safer place to rasie a family but still low enough for us to see the chicks when they had hatched. Just after these photos were taken they started to strectch their wings and then the  next morning, just after breakfast the two largest fledged. Unfortunately we missed them leaving. The smaller one remained in the nest and I assumed it wouldn't fledge that day but when I checked after dinner it too had gone. 

The sparrows are still busy with their families no doubt they will fledge soon.

Rob re-pointing the walls of one of our buildings

Rob has started to re-point  the walls of the outbuilding. He is using a lime mortar and has a reference book which was also used by the builders who built the millenium tower on St Edmundsbury Cathedral. However, I don't think Prince Charles will be popping in to see the progress of this project as he did in Bury. After a few trials he has perfected the mixture and is happy with his work to date. It will be a long job as he has to clean out the old mortar and in someplaces add small stones to fill up the holes.
He is currently working his way around at ground level and then will move on to a platform to work on the higher areas. He has completed two sides so far and will tackle the back of the building next - giving the birds time to vacate their maternity accommodation.  

I have started work preparing one of our spare bedrooms for redecoration. So far I have stripped the walls of the old wallpaper and carpet. This means that one bedroom is out of action for a while but we still have one double for visitors, and hopefully it won't take me too long to finish my project.

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