Thursday, 14 October 2010

What a week!

Back from a few days at a 'Women Reaching Women' Conference at Denman College. If anyone thinks I have been away on a jolly - forget it, this has been an intense conference, busy from after breakfast till late in the evening, yes, we even had sessions and talks after dinner.

However it was very interesting and stimulating and now I am ready to get on with organizing our final years events. Watch out all of my friends in Suffolk, I will be expecting you all to support me.
If you haven't heard about Women Reaching Women click on the link below for more information.

Today I visited the young parents group in Sudbury. What a success that has been, when I first visited there were several mums and dads with their children but now the group has dwindled to just a few as most of the young parents are now either back in education, training or in full time work.
Just one very young mum and lovely baby today - and we cooked a quick pasta lunch together in the kitchen. It has been a really inspiring place to visit I just hope that there are similar groups in other towns where young parents can get the support that these youngsters have received in Sudbury. Well done to their support team.

One delightful baby enjoying his pasta with tomato sauce, cooked by mum!

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