Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Almost Christmas

Just two more shopping days to Christmas. It is hard to believe we have a recession in the UK when you see the masses out in the town. I walked to Salisbury's to do the big shop as I predicted the car park would be full, and it was. The place was heaving with people, admittedly most were in a friendly and laid back mood, it was the only way to go. I think I have got enough food to last a snow in and if not too bad. The presents are wrapped and the cake is made and just needs to be iced - I will do that tomorrow, no nothing fancy just ready rolled white fondant icing and a nice ribbon, that will do me. The mince pies are in the freezer, well they were till I took some out this afternoon - you have to taste them don't you.

I thought we were in for a thaw yesterday but today has remained cold and this evening it is very cold again, a clear night and what appears to be cleared paths and road surfaces are indeed black ice.

Snow and cold weather is affecting us all across Europe, global warming was supposed to bring milder wetter winters or was that colder wetter summers, I think the experts change their minds according to the weather we are experiencing. Any way Rob read in today's Times that it is the wrong sort of snow which is causing the problems with the Eurostar , too dry and powdery, but few pages further on it is the wrong type of snow which is causing further problems too wet and too soft! Is there ever the right sort of snow.

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